We are one

Lasting relationships and a
successful journey

At UDM, we view brands not as projects, rather as relationships – one that lasts long and one that we can create a legacy out of. We are privileged of having been working and retaining clients averaging 5+ years, most often branded as an extended marketing arm. Our expertise in Retail and FMCG forms the core of our experience in Brand Building. We enjoy, understanding the business model, creating ideas and offering the apt branding solution while respecting the value of time.

The UDM Story

A chance meeting and a mere 5 minutes casual discussion among the founder Directors is all that took to converge as a team to form UDM. The commitment, talent, integrity, industry of the founders became apparent to each other in that short span of time to take the momentous decision to form UDM. The rest is History. From a single desk to an office with full fledged robust infrastructure was the logical outcome of the values and ethos of the promoter Directors. UDM journey is since then paved with numerous, momentous milestones.

Team UDM – Our Pride

14 + best minds with distinguished skill sets form the core of the UDM team. The work culture of UDM is rooted in the informal family atmosphere that prevails within the organization. This combined with the creative freedom nurturing as well as enriching the talent is the prime reason that even former team members remain connected to UDM till date. The rich output of team UDM offering a host of unique services to elevate brands is vouched by UDM clients most of whom have been associated with UDM since its inception. Excelling to exceed expectations has been the work credo of UDM team.

Sankarakrishnan. S


With more than 25 years of experience in diverse industries in the capacity of an employee and an entrepreneur, Sankarakrishnan owes his success to his employers, superiors, mentors and well wishers.

Relentlessness in the pursuit of defined goals unmindful of the challenges along the way is a singular character of Sankar which has helped UDM to stay firmly on course. Sankar’s intuitive decision making and an analytical mind has steered UDM in risk mitigation and strategic course correction where warranted. Sankar plays a stellar role in managing the legal, commercial, accounting and finance functions for UDM.

Dillibabu. S


Dillibabu’s hard work throughout his career of more than 2 decades is reciprocated as UDM. Starting from grass roots of Advertising, he has come a long way to being the Founder Director of UDM and guiding it all the way to what it stands today. Habit to excel, quick learning and no looking back are his strengths and the same have been responsible for bringing-up and retaining UDM.

Babu’s visualization skills of client mandate and expectations has been the source of some of the most creative outputs flowing out of UDM Team. The genius of Babu lies in his innate ability to chisel away the unwanted, superfluous from the creatives and embellish them with uncommon touches of brilliance. Client confidence in Babu’s ability to meet the most difficult of deadlines is absolute, thanks to his indefatigable energy and drive unmindful of the time of the day.

Amit Patankar

Creative Director

The Creative Pillar @ Team UDM.

Amit brings to the team more than a decade of experience in Advertising & Design industry. He carries along with him the experience of having worked in reputed organizations with vast portfolio of brands, across industry categories, from real estate to healthcare to hospitality & FMCG, launching brands and raising market visibility through design solutions.

Through his design and presentation skills he has brought in the much needed changes in how perople should look at UDM, and in turn has bagged UDM many projects.

A winner of inter school art competitions recognized by the industry, he has also been honored by Govt. of India and UN for campaign on female foeticide. His hobbies include trying to learn new languages and improving on his guitarist skills.

We at UDM go 360 degrees to solve your brand’s problems. Our in-house team of experts analyse, dissect, ideate, create and implement strategies and solutions that span across multiple platforms. All of this to ensure that your audience connects to what you’re trying to communicate and by extension help your brand succeed.

UDM believes in growth for all our stakeholders. We enjoy to work and in creating wealth and satisfaction. We follow a legacy of utmost transparency and freedom at our works enabling the best of output derived.