UDM – The Decade Gone By

It’s been over 10 fabulous years that UDM has been providing brands with all-round solutions through its creativity, market research, understanding of consumer behaviour and the hard-earned experience that comes with breathing in the air of the advertising atmosphere.

We’re taking a trip down memory lane to cherish the moments that led us here and to refresh our confidence, courage and enthusiasm to venture into this new decade, in a transformed world.

To begin with, the genesis of UDM dates back to June of 2008 when Dillibabu approached Sankar to sow the seeds of UDM with a vision to become one of the most-renowned brand solutions brand in Chennai and in India. The official establishment, however, took place on the 5th of January, 2009.

When it began, UDM was just a group of passionate people before it was officially a company. The co-founders Dillibabu, Sankarakrishnan and Dulipati took on the roles of Directors of the company. Along came April and with it brought our very first Graphic Designer, Yuvaraj, who today is part of UDM as the Manager of Operations. Now that the team was set and the company officiated, it was time to get our hands on our first client account. It was imperative for UDM to make a lasting first impression, and hence, we put our best foot forward and worked with MORF India Limited – A water treatment company for their poster requirements.

As time went by and experience was being amassed, UDM got its due highlight working with some of the most popular and ubiquitous brands in the country. This was the defining moment in UDM’s history and set an example of how our prospective clients and our peers in the community perceived us. This was when it was made clear that UDM had arrived.

We associatied with Chamak for their unique concept of laundry service, followed by the complete rebranding of Bestea – a tea brand. In 2010, we began working for HLL Lifecare Limited for their production needs; this relationship is strong to date. We have also been working on their creatives since 2014. Qualfis Foods P. Ltd., (A Sakthi Masala Group Co.) approached us for their brands ‘The Spice Club’ and ‘Satinance’ for packaging designs, showroom design and implementation along with collateral design and execution. We were the promoters behind the brand ‘Prosports’ during the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Another feather in the cap was the beginning of a relationship with Aachi from 2011, which we continue to do till date.

Over the course of the last decade, we’ve made some incredible memories that have stuck with us and will be part of the UDM legacy.

  • Our first client pitch was to Chamak. We won the pitch and were overjoyed.
  • We revamped Thirumala; from their logo and packaging to TVC for launching new packs and marketing collateral.
  • We also worked with Gelixer Collagenpep for their product packaging, creative communication, advertising strategy and launch programme across the South of India.

Working on boosting brands brought us to our 5-year mark. A lustrum in the industry – the perfect spot for UDM to snuggle its way into bigger, better, more impactful things. We got noticed, and we got some noticeable clients.

  • We started working with Thirumala after it was acquired by Lactalis France. We established a retainer with the brand from 2014 to 2017 for their advertising solutions for South India – their primary service area.
  • Along came Aachi’s website project that got us the stamp of being specialists in food packaging.
  • This then led us to working with SGR777 to create and revamp their packaging, advertising and website.

Slowly yet steadily, doing all the right things, taking up challenges, revamping brands, launching new ones, keeping up with the trends to creating new trends, we turned 10. A company that started out with a meagre team of 3 had now flourished into a full service 360-degree brand solutions providing agency acing in multiple areas, multiple industry verticals and was revered for its work in the FMCG segment. The biggest highlight of the 10-year anniversary was the total brand revamp of the traditional family business into a South Indian snacking giant Arcot Manimark.

Cut to today, when the world is in an unknown territory, with brands and businesses adapting to the new ways of life and solutions providers charting courses for the new normal. In our efforts to connect brands with its audience, we helped (insert brand name) launch their new range of hand sanitizers.

As a brand solution agency, UDM is fully prepared for the post-COVID world and is actively working on understanding consumer behaviour. This decision of ours has also transcended into staying on top of the game, leveraging the collective strength and experience of the core team of UDM and refreshing our identity. This refresh gives us a clear perspective and direction to pursue our goals of being the go-to brand solutions agency for the most up-and-coming brands in the country and across the globe.